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> I have a dual serial RS232 port to Ethernet converter. I need to run 2 
> minicom session on a machine that will talk via two virtual serial 
> ports, then over IP to the converter. I understand that there is a 
> common standard for doing this and thus I hope that the hardware I have 
> supports this standard. I cannot locate the Linux drivers or how to 
> create and install such a virtual serial port.  Any suggestions?
> Adrian
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I have set up a *single* serial to ethernet...

getty on "server"

minicom to "client"

setserial on both

#modify following line to suit
pppd -detach crtscts lock <local IP>:<remote IP> /dev/ttyS3 38400 &

#set up routing - modify to suit
(server)pppd -detach crtscts lock proxyarp <local IP>:<remote IP>
/dev/ttyS3 38400 &
(client)pppd -detach crtscts lock defaultroute <local IP>:<remote IP>
/dev/ttyS3 38400 &

I can't think of any reason why you can't use both ethernet connections
at the same time - but I'm tired ;-)

If it breaks - you get to keep both pieces

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