[clug] iSCSI and shared filesystems

Steve Jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Apr 22 20:11:18 MDT 2010

Anyone using an iSCSI back-end and sharing filesystems across multiple systems?

I want to run a database (Postgres of MySQL) as a XEN guest and be able to live 
migrate to another host.

Strongly prefer using simple techniques, like NFS.
We are looking at buying storage appliances and what we can afford come with iSCSI.

Will a XEN guest Just Work with iSCSI to a back-end?
[Two volumes, one for Data and one for Logs. backup/restore separately if needed]

Will the live migration of the "DB in a VM" from host to host with iSCSI 
mounted Filesystem (I'd prefer ext3) Just Work as well?

For extra credit, can I NFS export the DB filesystems out of the DB-in-a-VM and 
have it work seamlessly over the Live Migrate?
[The IP number has to go with the VM]


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