Using a forum system for CLUG (was Re: Fw: [clug] Flirting Techniiques For Men (Paul Wayper))

Andrew Janke a.janke at
Sun May 3 13:06:54 GMT 2009

>> I have simply avoided going near any forums in the last 15 years.
> I hate them too.

I'm not quite that violent, but close. Or at least ones where you
_have_ to use a login on a webpage to read/write stuff. I want to read
CLUG on my mobile!

> Some young upstart wanted a web forum, the older and wiser people said it
> won't work but feel free to set it up and see if anyone uses it. So the
> upstart created a forum and invited everyone to use it.

:) But there still is the point that sooner or later it will happen as
more 'yung uns come aboard. Same of course happened in just about
every usenet group.  In any case one possibility that has not been
mentioned yet is of course this:

As far as I can see it solves all the issues on both sides.  I think
there is even a re-mail type service so that you can leave the
existing list as it is and have google groups mirror everything.

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