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Sat Mar 21 07:57:32 GMT 2009

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Rob Bolin wrote:
| On Fri, 20 Mar 2009, Alex Satrapa wrote:
|>> I think even Conroy would see the folly in
|>> charging someone for a few URLs that overlap an unknown secret list.
|> I think the guy is actually stupid enough to consider prosecuting
|> people who leak the list to "send a message" to the Australian people.
| I noticed last night, while watching the ABC's Q and A program [1], that
| Conroy will be on next weeks show. Maybe people should have a think about
| formulating some questions and submitting them through to the show...
| Rob
| [1] http://www.abc.net.au/tv/qanda/

Background Briefing on the ABC recently did a program on it - you can download
it as a podcast or read the transcript at

One thing that struck me about Jim Wallace's comments toward the end:

Jim Wallace: I don't know where they get ['notions' to harm women and
children], but I would say largely they get it from media, and whether it is a
failure of classification standards in films, for instance, whether it's a
failure of parental control in what they view, or whether it's on the
internet, I mean I don't know, but I can tell you, they don't get at a
six-year-old kid, from their normal life, you know, from their normal life's

So, Jim - these Catholic priests that have been abusing children for decades,
even centuries, now: did they get those notions from the internet or was it
because of all those blue movies they watched?  Or maybe the Catholic priests
that trained them "failed"?  Did their parents lack sufficient "parental control"?

Or maybe you shouldn't be blaming it on some cheap anonymous scapegoats
("media", "pornography"), and instead try to accept that you don't understand
the cause of the problem and therefore shouldn't be talking about how to solve it?

Have fun,

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