[clug] which distro?

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Wed Mar 18 01:15:09 GMT 2009

Tong Cuong <cuong.tong at gmail.com> writes:

> I'd like to setup a linux box for my web application test
> environment. I am just wondering what distro i should be using.

Exactly the same distribution as your production servers, including as
close to identical a configuration as possible.

Otherwise you will test against one system, deploy to a different one,
then discover all the non-portable assumptions you made *only* when they
are user visible.

> Last time i setup linux was redhat 6.0. I must confest I am a full
> time Window user ... (please do not throw rotten egg and tomatoes at
> me) and partime linux user. Now there seems to be a alot new distro
> available that suit different purpose. I would use my as development
> machine plus web server. Any pointer would be greatly appreciated :)

Ubuntu and Fedora are fairly friendly to users without significant
experience, but neither is going to make this trivial: managing a web
server isn't as easy as it sounds, sadly.


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