[clug] geany

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Wed Mar 4 06:26:26 GMT 2009

Andrew Janke wrote:
> ...  If anyone else
> happens to use it (or vi) and happens to know how to do the equivalent
> of <vertical select (via Ctrl-Drag)> followed by <Ctrl>9 and <Ctrl>0.
> a
> PS: <Ctrl>0 with a vertical select in nedit will shift the entire
> block one character right.  Sort of like an indent command but a whole
> lot more fun.

In vim you can move things by a 'shiftwidth' using the > command.
I typically have my shiftwidth set to be 4, to match my tabs, but you
could define it to be 1 and use it as you describe.

So in vim I would do a block select (Ctrl-V), select what I want, then
hit >.
No idea if this translates to your editor though, I've never used it. 
Old vi doesn't have the visual block select features, it does have
non-block select variants of the > command though (so saith the manual).

Related commands are < for left, >>, :> and various ranges/counts can be
thrown in for those more advanced than I, I simply do the commands twice :).


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