[clug] geany

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 05:21:17 GMT 2009

Anyone else happen to use it?

I have been a die hard nedit user for nigh on 8 years.  (well, nedit
for "big code writing", vi for debugging/sysadmin/config). Seems that
geany has all the features of nedit except one...  If anyone else
happens to use it (or vi) and happens to know how to do the equivalent
of <vertical select (via Ctrl-Drag)> followed by <Ctrl>9 and <Ctrl>0.


PS: <Ctrl>0 with a vertical select in nedit will shift the entire
block one character right.  Sort of like an indent command but a whole
lot more fun.

PPS: why the shift from nedit -> geany?  Seems like dev on nedit has
stalled for a long time now. :(  and gvim/cream just doesn't do it for
me just yet.

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