[clug] Canberra Girl Geek Dinners

Loquacity loquacities at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 09:35:02 GMT 2009

Girl Geek Dinners have been successful all around the world, including
Melbourne, Sydney and most recently Brisbane. Now it's Canberra's turn!

Girl Geek dinners offer an opportunity for geeks of all varieties (and both
genders - men are welcome at the invitation of a woman attending the event)
to have a fun, relaxed and informal get together. Each dinner will feature
speakers on a range of topics, from technical to business subjects to gaming
and mentoring.

The dinners aim to bring people together, to encourage them to embrace their
passion for technology and to further explore what can be achieved with it.
It's about making real changes to policy and social stereotypes by breaking
down the barriers.

For more information, jump onto the blog and register your interest:


Cheers! Lana

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