[clug] Asus Eeebox and Ubuntu

Ian Bardsley ifb777 at tpg.com.au
Fri Feb 20 03:47:59 GMT 2009

Hi list members

Whilst there has been a large quantity of posts on the subject of 
various iterations of the Eee PC, I don't think any one has posted on 
the subject of the Eeebox.  In view of this, I offer the following for 
anyone interested.

I acquired an Asus Eeebox secondhand earlier this week which came with 
windoze XP installed.  Not being a fan of anything M$, I decided to try 
an install of Ubuntu Intrepid.

The install went smoothly with Intrepid detecting all of the hardware 
except the wireless network device.

A quick Google yielded the solution (Use ndiswrapper to install ralink 
rt2860 driver) and within 10 minutes  I had a fully functional network 
connected PC with a very small footprint.

I thought, "I wonder if this little machine is capable of playing 
Digital TV?".  I plugged in my little Pinnacle USB TV dongle, ran grep i 
dvb /var/log messages and voila, there was the device installed and 
configured.  Another 5 minutes had ME-TV installed and a channel scan 
complete and there was this little box happily displaying ABC1 smoothly 
with great sound.

So impressed am I with this little machine, it will replace an old, very 
noisy and power hungry P4 that has been in residence in my hobby shed 
for a couple of years now but before that, I might just try Mythtv on 

Hope every one has a great weekend

Ian Bardsley

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