[clug] Embedded Debian - Live

David Cottrill cottrill.david at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 23:39:59 GMT 2009

I've jumped into the bottomless pit of rolling my own live Debian CF cards -
has anyone had experience with live-helper?
Live-magic seems rubbish - it has painfully few configuration options - an
aptitude interface would be perfect (for me). The screenshots around the web
are not current and display far more options than appear to be available.
I've got it to work correctly but it seems very keen to stop working.

Right now I can squeeze the whole lot into ~60MB on disk and RAM at run time
but there is a lot more trimming to go (I need virtually none of the
standard libraries/programs).

Has anyone got experience / clever ideas on how to implement persistence
without using seperate partitions?

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