[clug] Re: Exercise and pay the bills! (linux Digest, Vol 74, Issue 5, Messages 2&9) [SEC=PERSONAL]

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 01:33:37 GMT 2009

>> Though I wonder whether the human body is as efficient as a coal-fired
> power plant
>> when it comes to electricity output per kilogram of carbondioxide
> generated.


> about how much extra CO2 you'd generate, but only a vegan would approach


Yes a vegan would need less to get going but I think the real point is
that the industrialisation of food production as pretty much tipped
the scale in the other direction no matter how you cut it.


And the likes make for interesting reading.

Still I can claim that I am more efficient than a car when riding to
work if I ate some of the corn I am grow in my backyard for
breakfast...  Now I reach for the corn _flakes_ instead then I
probably should have taken the car.. :)

Still I reckon a fair amount of energy went into making the car, but
then this same energy went into the trucks/machines/cars/etc that made
the cornflakes.

As Antti said, gets far too complex far to fast.


PS: no I dont wear "shiny pants" so that is one less bit of oil. :)

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