[clug] Political (in)Correctness or Just Some Fun?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Aug 20 01:53:24 MDT 2009

Jim Croft wrote on 20/8/09 5:39 PM:
> as a d00d, I am actually quite offended by this digital, nay
> hexadecimal, objectification - and I will have none of it!
> 6a696d


Thanks for a light-hearted response - much the same vein, I suspect,
that the original authors defined their 'magic number'.

For those not wanting to look up the ascii table:

6a = j
69 = i
6d = m

He's a lower case kinda guy :-)

I'm bilingual (Octal & Hex), but much prefer my programs to print in
ASCII. I'm out of practice at reading Hex dumps directly...

That's why God invented software - to do our work for us.


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