[clug] 'Gifting' to and Volunteering on FOSS projects.

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Aug 20 15:49:06 MDT 2009

Recently I gave what I thought was a modest gift to the WINE foundation.
They wrote and thanked me, surprising me very much.

Off-list I've talked to a friend about fundraising for FOSS projects,
and his advice is not to waste my time, it is historically very, very hard.

Casual users are not & should not be concerned with the details of FOSS
projects & their funding (IMHO). Being hassled to give a $1 every time
you download Ubuntu or Knoppix or Fedora or ... would be counter-productive.

Though 'hard core' people like many on this list might have a different

Questions for group:

It is common for FOSS people to give either time/talent or money
supporting FOSS projects?

Are there any effective ways to increase fund-raising for FOSS projects?
[Or is it really up to Big IT Companies kicking in?]

BTW, WINE has been going 16 years and spent $10M, with maybe the same
again in volunteered time.
They think they are well on the way :-)


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