[clug] GPS on Linux

Ian McLeod ianmcleod75 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 03:31:34 MDT 2009

Sam Couter wrote:
>> Google Maps is preferred as it is free and uses quality mapping data.
> It's gratis for some uses but not libre and it's poor quality, as is most
> commercial map data. OpenStreetMap is far more accurate. OSM isn't always
> as comprehensive as Google Maps, but I've been surprised several times by
> just how much is covered.
I thought Google Maps used pretty good quality data, I haven't had a 
problem yet (I use it on my N95).  How exactly is Open StreetMap higher 
quality? Doesn't it rely on people physically mapping the country and in 
theory should not be as good as commercial mapping data?

Cheers for the free apps!

I'll look out for a BlueTooth or USB GPS dongle to use with our fancy 
new MSI Wind.

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