[clug] Looking for a netbook

Rainer Klein rklein at tpg.com.au
Tue Aug 11 02:38:59 MDT 2009

On Tue, 11 Aug 2009, Ian McLeod wrote:
> We're looking for a netbook - for once in my life my wish actually
> complements the main goal - to save money - i.e. have Linux.  My wife
> is, naturally, happy with that idea.  It's for the both of us to float
> around he house for net use or whatever, and for travel.
> I heard that Asus (eeePC) once came with a Linux distribution standard,
> however have anyone had any real experience with Linux based netbooks
> and have any hints or tips?  Are they restricted to one distro or can I
> stick Gnome based Ubuntu on one or would something even lighter be
> advisable?
> If it can handle a Bluetooth or USB Nokia phone as a 3G modem that would
> be fantastic, but I suppose we can live without it if we have to.  I've
> actually heard of Symbian apps to turn a phone in to a wi-fi access
> point anyway.
> Thanks,
> Ian

I have the Eee PC 701 D which comes with Xandros Linux pre-configured. It 
sells for around A$ 300.- You can get a memory upgrade from 512 MB to 2GB 
(swapping the module) for around A$ 32.- (@ computer markets).

Instead of using the build-in Xandros version, I run a Knoppix 6.01 LiveCD 
from a SSD card which uses auto-hardware configuration. This is specially 
helpfull. if one connects a larger VGA screen which automatically adjust the 
desktop to the extrenal screen capabilities during start-up. It even runs 
with Compiz.

Two small hints: 

- In order to use Knoppix with the built-in WiFi adapter, one needs to fetch 
the associated RealTek driver from the Debian repository. 

- There is also a Debian package to activate all the Eee PC specific function 

An alternative installation would be OpenGeeeU, which is a beautiful desktop 
derived from Ubuntu.



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