[clug] Looking for a netbook

Ian McLeod ianmcleod75 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 22:18:19 MDT 2009

We're looking for a netbook - for once in my life my wish actually 
complements the main goal - to save money - i.e. have Linux.  My wife 
is, naturally, happy with that idea.  It's for the both of us to float 
around he house for net use or whatever, and for travel.

I heard that Asus (eeePC) once came with a Linux distribution standard, 
however have anyone had any real experience with Linux based netbooks 
and have any hints or tips?  Are they restricted to one distro or can I 
stick Gnome based Ubuntu on one or would something even lighter be 

If it can handle a Bluetooth or USB Nokia phone as a 3G modem that would 
be fantastic, but I suppose we can live without it if we have to.  I've 
actually heard of Symbian apps to turn a phone in to a wi-fi access 
point anyway.



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