[clug] Remote Desktop through a MS Terminal Server Gateway

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Mon Aug 10 00:25:02 MDT 2009

Yup, NX FreeServer is available for general use (most distros seem to 
package it as FreeNX), then you start paying for the business and 
enterprise versions.

Nicest thing about NX is that it PGP encrypts the connection from start 
to finish, so no more worrying about sniffing or password stealing

Ian McLeod wrote:
> I have found the download link - looks impressive - but couldn't find 
> a straight forward description of what it does or if it works with MS 
> RDP.  looks like something worth considering for my home PC too, as 
> VNC seems to struggle with Compiz enabled (just gets stuck on a 
> non-refreshing screen on the client side).
> So their products like the NX Server are free?
> Steve Walsh wrote:
>> Hi Ian
>> I'm assuming you've used tsclient, but have you tried NoMachine NX 
>> client, it might be able to do what you want.
>> Steve

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