[clug] A Newbie query - correction!

Felix Karpfen felix.karpfen at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 02:50:12 MDT 2009

Felix Karpfen wrote:

> The template supplied by debian.anu.edu.au (which reads:
> "deb http://security.debian.org/ stable/updates main contrib non-free")
> is the (unchanged) answer to my query.

That is wrong :-( ; although it would probably work OK (My 
copy-and-paste routines leave something to be desired!).

  The correct entry from debian.anu.edu.au reads:

"deb http://debian.anu.edu.au/debian-security stable/updates main"

which is the "belt-and-braces" entry that I was looking for!


Felix Karpfen
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