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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Thu Apr 30 12:52:40 GMT 2009

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Andrew Janke wrote:
|> What exactly is an installfest and a hackfest?
| InstallFest: A bunch of happy helpful linux geeks/nerds/users in a
| room. You bring your computer, they help you install it.  Expect
| pony-tails, pizza and other things stereotypically associated with
| linux. Although not the smelling bad part.
| HackFest: Either the same bunch of geeks from above or/and their
| cousins in a room or connected via the internet working together
| (hacking) to solve problems (bugs) in code or writing new code to make
| your favourite linux/bsd/other distro do new things. Expect even more
| pony-tails, black t-shirts, pizza and various gurana enhanced fizzy
| drinks.

Pony-tails and "stereotypical" geeks are a bit thin on the ground at CLUG,
where we seem to tend to professionals and students with a bit of fitness
about them :-) But otherwise the descriptions are pretty much correct...  The
internet is also connected in the Installfest, too, and we substitute sausages
for pizza because it's during the day and we're Australian.

Hope this helps,

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