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Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 12:43:33 GMT 2009

Hi Dave,

2009/4/30 Dave Upton <dave.upton at y7mail.com>:
> If I choose to upgrade to Ubuntu 9.04 via their update manager will I then have to go in and set everything up again or do those settings migrate across?

In theory no. That said there will always be small things that might
break but certainly most things will "just work" with a polished
distro such as Ubuntu.  What specifically in terms of settings do you
want to keep? or are afraid to loose?

> What exactly is an installfest and a hackfest?

InstallFest: A bunch of happy helpful linux geeks/nerds/users in a
room. You bring your computer, they help you install it.  Expect
pony-tails, pizza and other things stereotypically associated with
linux. Although not the smelling bad part.

HackFest: Either the same bunch of geeks from above or/and their
cousins in a room or connected via the internet working together
(hacking) to solve problems (bugs) in code or writing new code to make
your favourite linux/bsd/other distro do new things. Expect even more
pony-tails, black t-shirts, pizza and various gurana enhanced fizzy

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