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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Wed Apr 29 22:37:39 GMT 2009

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Lana Brindley wrote:
| In a strange cross-patch (sorry for hijacking your post Brad!), I believe
| this answers the question on the other thread about what constitutes 'basic
| information'. It's a series of "launch-off points":
| 1. How do I get online, use a browser, configure networking ...
| 2. How do I listen to music, store and organise music, edit music, share
| music ...
| 3. How do connect to another machine, use SSH/FTP, configure a LAN ...
| 4. How do I keep my computer safe, encrypt data/drives, maintain a secure
| network ...
| 5. How do I get my webcam working, create and edit videos, share videos ...
| Hope that makes sense!

Those are all really great ideas and I'm sure there are many more that people
would like to ask and answer.

My thought here is that this would be really good stuff to put on the CLUG ANU
Portal - http://clug.anu.edu.au/.  You can register a username and password
and then post topics there.  This way they get Googled, they stay there in an
easy-to-find place, they stay current and people can easily link to them.

I suspect this is one of the CLUG's underused resources but one that has great
potential.  I'm as guilty as anyone of not adding stuff to it, so getting the
word out is a good start :-)

Have fun,

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