[clug] More starting points

Ian Bardsley ifb777 at tpg.com.au
Sun Apr 26 01:31:48 GMT 2009

Just one thing to add to the list basic information:

The "Linux File Structure" and how it differs from Windoze.  In my early 
days of the Linux journey this caused me an amount of grief.  Etc, Var, 
Bin, Mnt directories, what the H*@@ are those for?  When I understood 
that just for basic computer functionality, I only had to concern myself 
with the Home directory,  things became clearer and when I discovered 
Hidden Files and the configuration options they often provided, things 
got even clearer.

In essence, anyone embarking on the Linux journey as a layman PC user 
needs to understand only the differences between Linux and Windows to 
get past first base of having a workable PC, Notebook or Netbook.  The 
rest becomes a matter of personal choice and need and that need drives 
the learning process.  Need=Imperative to Learn,squared.

Have fun all on this Feral Sunday in the Nations Capital

Ian Bardsley

Lana Brindley wrote:
> 2009/4/25 Brad Hards <bradh at frogmouth.net>
>> In a moment of philosophising this morning, I decided that we're all
>> beginners
>> in some way. It might be at installing a linux distro, it might be at using
>> the command line, it might be at C++, or at a web framework, or at newtork
>> configuration, or at compiler internals, or building the kernel from
>> source,
>> or at using an office suite.
>> I thought I'd offer some suggestions for (yet more) reading you can do,
>> and "launch-off points" for finding things.
> In a strange cross-patch (sorry for hijacking your post Brad!), I believe
> this answers the question on the other thread about what constitutes 'basic
> information'. It's a series of "launch-off points":
> 1. How do I get online, use a browser, configure networking ...
> 2. How do I listen to music, store and organise music, edit music, share
> music ...
> 3. How do connect to another machine, use SSH/FTP, configure a LAN ...
> 4. How do I keep my computer safe, encrypt data/drives, maintain a secure
> network ...
> 5. How do I get my webcam working, create and edit videos, share videos ...
> Hope that makes sense!
> L
>  <snip>

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