Fw: [clug] beginners path

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Thu Apr 23 00:58:15 GMT 2009

Subject changed to reflect content.

Forked this thread to address the topic. The other issue is the issue of 
list spam. The over lap is wheather this discourages beginners. However, 
this is moot if we don't hove beginners in the first place.

Lana Brindley wrote:
> It's not difficult. It's because people need help getting started. It's
> because of LUGs like
> this one deciding they are too elitist to help with newbies. It's because of
> the lack of
> assistance people get from a list that they have been recommended to as a
> good
> resource.

Is there currently a good path for beginners to linux in Canberra?

Is this well known and publicised, eg on the clug.org.au website and 
else where?

Does it tie in with the other actions of clug?

If PCUG direct heavy/advance Linux users here. Should we direct 
beginners there as suggested be someone else?

et cetera.


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