[clug] skype hdmi error

Andreas Bauer baueran at rsise.anu.edu.au
Mon Apr 6 01:53:15 GMT 2009

Hi Grant, and others who replied,

Unfortunately, none of this is related to my issue.  :-(

I am not running PA or any other sound servers.

Moreover, Skype system sounds work fine.  For some reason skype thinks
it has to support hdmi - which is nonsense.  I don't even have hdmi.
And since skype and hdmi doesn't work well, it says there are audio
problems.  If somehow I could disable hdmi, or make skype believe
that, really, there is no reason to support hdmi (it shows hdmi in the
interface list), then I suspect it would be all working again.  But so
far, I did not manage to find out which module might be responsible
for hdmi support.  :-)

But thanks again to those who put forward these suggestions!  Much


Andreas Bauer, baueran at rsise.anu.edu.au

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