[clug] skype hdmi error

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Mon Apr 6 04:51:25 GMT 2009

Andreas Bauer wrote on 6/4/09 11:53 AM:
> Hi Grant, and others who replied,
> Unfortunately, none of this is related to my issue.  :-(
> I am not running PA or any other sound servers.
> Moreover, Skype system sounds work fine.  For some reason skype thinks
> it has to support hdmi - which is nonsense.  I don't even have hdmi.
> And since skype and hdmi doesn't work well, it says there are audio
> problems.  If somehow I could disable hdmi, or make skype believe
> that, really, there is no reason to support hdmi (it shows hdmi in the
> interface list), then I suspect it would be all working again.  But so
> far, I did not manage to find out which module might be responsible
> for hdmi support.  :-)
> But thanks again to those who put forward these suggestions!  Much
> appreciated!
> Andreas.


Computers are Deterministic (at least in this context).
Given exactly the same System State, the same perturbation/input will
always lead to the same action or new system state.

What changed??
You said that 'it just stopped working'...

That only happens when the electronics fail - like in Space or really
old gear, or a tin-whisker shorts out something or the motherboard
tracks crack/fail or a chip partially fails (like a memory error). I
gather you don't think this is so or have ruled it out.

I didn't notice if you'd rebooted the system, if you'd tried it on a
different hardware platform or tried a LiveCD or some such on your
current platform.

Have you tried these things and they didn't work?

There are two generic ways forward to isolate and identify the fault:

 - Try to recreate the problem with a minimal change.
   [implies recreating the problem]

 - Try to establish exactly *what* changed & figure why it led
   to the result you saw. Applying changes incrementally is always good.

==> Does anyone have any good tools, processes or procedures to help
recreate the appearance of a fault or isolate where a fault is occurring.

Those tools/techniques will be generally helpful to the group in other
problems/situations. :-)


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