[clug] SALE/WANTED = SWAP? USB enclosures for PATA drives...

Nemo Maelstrom Thorx wombat at nemo.house.cx
Sun Sep 28 20:33:56 GMT 2008

Hi list... 

I have two external USB enclosures for PATA drives - but they take
different power supplies. Due to a change in my setup, I'd prefer to
have two identical enclosures (or at least, identically powered) so
I can run one for local backup, and rotate it with a second as remote

So, I have two enclosures that I'm wanting to sell/swap... 

Both power from mini-DIN-6 with the +12v at the bottom, but with the GND
and +5v left/right or right/left :( One is tested and works, the other
is new and in the box (though the power cables have been unwrapped...

I'm happy to swap either enclosure for one which matches power supply,
or sell both these to recoup costs towards buying a new matching pair...


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