[clug] VNC and MythTV

Pilcher, Fred Fred.Pilcher at act.gov.au
Wed Sep 17 06:02:03 GMT 2008

Thanks, as always, for your responses, guys.

They all sound perfectly reasonable. The weird thing is that the card
and Kaffeine are both clearly working - it scans, finds, and locks some
channels when I select "Canberra, Black Mountain" from the presets list
and  then run a scan. I tried running a full scan across the tuning
range, using all the available offsets and it still only brough in SBS

Matt's comments about possible conflicts between the Black Mountain and
Tuggeranong Hill transmissions sound reasonable, but then why is it
working in Xubuntu? [Hums the theme to X Files.]

Alex asked:
> Were you using the same home directory for Xubuntu and Kubuntu
> (perhaps just switching with apt?), or did you wipe the system 
> completely?  Kaffeine seems to store its tuning in 
> ~/.kde/share/apps/ kaffeine/channels.dvb so you could try just 
> try copying it from one to the other.

I changed completely. (Actually, I just swapped HDDs - I have a small
collection with various OSs.) Still, it might be worth copying the
tuning data from the Xubuntu disk to the Kubuntu disk to see what

> You'll notice that SBS has the same setings on both, 
> but the other channels vary, so perhaps you used one
> set in Kubuntu and other in Xubuntu for some reason.

That would make sense - there's no other reason I can think of for the
fact that SBS is the sole common factor!

I'll play around on the weekend and see what happens.


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