[clug] VNC and MythTV

Paul mylists at wilsononline.id.au
Wed Sep 17 00:12:31 GMT 2008

This may sound like an issue with the Kernel drivers for your TV card (I assume its DVB-T)
try using some of the DVB utils to check signal quality eg dvbscan and azap


On 17/09/2008 8:51 AM, Pilcher, Fred wrote:
> Not strictly on the subject, but related...
> I think I mentioned a little while ago the problems I'd been having with
> teevee tuner cards. I recently bought another for my Kubuntu (Hardy) box
> and, as had happened previously, it would only tune SBS stations (though
> my dedicated set top box brings in all the stations without any
> problems). I gave up and, looking at other things, installed Xubuntu
> onto the box containing the tuner card. While I wasn't doing it for
> teevee purposes, I ran up Kaffeine just for the hell of it and fired up
> the tuner - and it tuned all the channels.
> Figuring that the card had suddenly started working, I put Kubuntu back
> on - and again, nothing but SBS. Replaced Xubuntu - all stations tuned.
> What could possibly be happening here? I tried every setting I could
> find, tried different teevee software, nothing worked. Yet simply
> swapping to Xubuntu enabled detection of all available channels.
> WTF?
> Fred 
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