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Sat Sep 13 01:00:32 GMT 2008

I think your right on the money except it's really a two part process.

1) influence people into taking an interest
2) educate the interested people

You've got the latter, but, making the same mistake I make, you 
rassumming that people are already interested. It's those that may 
benefit from open source but won't normally care that would be of most 
interest to us. These people would then give us pathways to others 
rather than getting stuck with the some old groups.

Point out that many of their day-to-day activities already use open 
source products, that this is not a fringe movement or some throw back 
to the hippies, that open source is used by many private companies, and 
that govt depts (this is Canberra after all) use open source products on 
a daily basis and that this is something they should know more about or 
they're missing out!

Then go onto the education phase.


Adam Jenkins wrote:
> Lana,
> Yes, a press release and/or poster would be great please.
> There's some artwork up at http://softwarefreedomday.org/Artwork/2008/Logo
> we could maybe start from.  It'd be nice to have something specific to
> Canberra.  Whether it's just the title "Software Freedom Day Canberra", or
> some picture/logo that incorporates something uniquely Canberran.  And of
> course we'll want the pertinent info on the poster; that it'll be on
> Saturday 20th September, at the Old Bus Depot Market in Kingston, between
> whatever times.
> Are Canberra Times going to be able to mention the event with a week's
> notice, and without us paying them to do so?  Another possibility; maybe
> they or the community paper could send a reporter to visit us and write a
> short piece about SFD?
> I think the target audience is mostly Windows users.  A lot of them are
> probably using some FOSS (Firefox for example) but they don't really
> understand why anyone would make software free ("that means it's got
> viruses right?") and they usually don't realise all the good quality FOSS
> that's available ("it's just that strange Linux thing that deletes Windows
> right?").  Basically:
> - dish out as many OpenDisc, OpenEducation and Ubuntu CDs as we are able
> to :-)
> - answer questions where we can
> - tell people about the InstallFest, and CLUG.  Perhaps a flier for the
> Installfest should be another thing to make sure we have designed/printed?
> Any suggestions, criticisms etc of any of this is most welcome; regardless
> of whether you're planning to be at SFD or the Installfest. My vote would
> be that we try not to get stuck into Microsoft/closed-source too much.
> It confuses the message, and I think one of the beauties of open source is
> that it doesn't need to replace closed source in order to achieve good
> things.  If nothing else, having quality open source software available
> means there's pressure on closed-source developers to lift their game,
> especially when more 'mainstream' computer users are aware of it.
> On Thu, 11 Sep 2008, Lana Brindley wrote:
>> My vote would be for all of the above, but that makes marketing difficult.
>> I think it would be easy enough to write up something reasonably generic,
>> something along the lines of "want great software that doesn't cost the
>> earth? Ever wondered what 'free' software is and how it works?" and get that
>> sent off to some publications.
>> I think a flyer or two would be a good idea too. I could ask around some of
>> the graphics guys I know.
>> Shall we start a list of pubs?
>> Canberra Times
>> City News
>> Chronicle
>> [more here]
>> L
>> On 11/09/2008, jm <jeffm at ghostgun.com> wrote:
>>> Talking of advertising. Where is this being advertised/promoted? Who are we
>>> targeting? The uni student, the non-techinical computer buff, new computer
>>> users, the disgruntled windows user, the general public?
>>> Jeff.
>>> Lana Brindley wrote:
>>>> That said, if there's anything I can do in terms of preparation, I'm more
>>>> than willing to do so. I'm a writer, so I can be of assistance with
>>>> advertising/press releases, or other marketing stuff maybe ...
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