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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Thu Sep 11 22:33:05 GMT 2008

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Adam Jenkins wrote:
| So, as a follow-up to Paul's post; how about some more details about
| Software Freedom Day itself please?  I've got my name down, but it'd be
| good to know who is planning on being there at what times etc.

I'm adding to the page on http://softwarefreedomday.org/teams/Canberra but if
you want to add any thoughts or suggestions please do so :-)

| Also, have we sent info to appropriate places (radio station community
| events listings, theriotact maybe?), and is there a Canberra-specific
| flier available for us all to plaster about?
| We don't seem to be listed at http://www.obdm.com.au/news.html
| In fact it says that the market is every Sunday; not Saturday?

The Bus Depot Markets are on Sunday, yes.  The Computer Fair is on Saturday.
For reasons unknown but guessable, the obdm.com.au site doesn't show them.

| Has anyone yet put up their hand to setup/bring along machines with open
| source games, MythTV..  What else; OpenOffice/Education type desktop
| maybe?

Please feel free to bring along any of those - put your name against them on
the Wiki would be my best suggestion at organising it.

Matt Oliver (matt at oliver.net.au) and Jason Nielsen (j.lee.nielsen at gmail.com)
are organising the actual stall, so if you have specific questions please
contact them.  I'm organising the Install Fest and will unfortunately be away
for the 20th.

Have fun,

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