[clug] krdc

Jsparksaa at cs.com Jsparksaa at cs.com
Thu Sep 11 03:03:29 GMT 2008

  I have installed OpenSuse 11 and I am using krdc for an rdp connection to computer.  If I switch to full screen mode, I cannot close the session.  (Specifically, using option "use current screen resolution.")  All of the keystrokes go to the remote session.    I have tried most CTRL and ALT keystrokes.  CTRL TAB acts as a simple TAB key.

  First attempt:  full-screen mode with res higher or lower than native mode.  Here the tool bar auto-hides immediately and cannot be made visible again.  In this case, CTRL TAB does go to linux allowing the linux task bar to appear and allowing me to close the app.  (the screen scrolls with the res, which is not desirable.)

  Second attempt: full-screen with res as described in beginning.  The toolbar does not appear at all.  I had to hit the power button, causing the laptop to shutdown in an orderly fashion.

  Is there some magic in the full screen mode that closes the session or allows one to switch back to the desktop?

Thanks for your help,  Jim

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