[clug] VOIP advice

Bernard Duggan bernard at guarana.org
Thu Oct 2 05:29:14 GMT 2008

A couple of extra notes:

Chris Smart wrote:
> ...set up an account with a VOIP provider, one with
> the lowest latency - possibly my ISP (Internode).
The advantage of going with your ISP's own system is that they're able
to manage QoS all the way from your router to the gateway (which iiNet
do, but I don't know about any other others).  Any other option leaves
you open to the vagaries of the open internet (which you'll quite
probably have no problems with at all, but it's basically outside your

 > Hardware:
> ATA device to plug into the router
> Analogue phone to plug into the ATA device
If you're getting a new router anyway, a number are available now with a
built in ATA, which cuts out an extra piece of stuff on your desk and
may well also end up cheaper.  Another option, if you were going to buy
a new phone for this anyway, is a pure SIP phone (though I have no idea
what the pricing on those is like - my only experience here is with
"business grade" ones which come with a "business grade" price tag ;)) -
that removes the need for an ATA altogether and just plugs into your
router like any other ethernet device.  For that you'd want to check
compatibility with your provider before spending money though - for a
"standard", there can be an awful lot of variation in how SIP is
actually implemented.



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