[clug] VOIP advice

Chris Smart mail at christophersmart.com
Thu Oct 2 05:19:13 GMT 2008

Thank you to everyone for your _very_ useful advice!
This also appears a useful link about VOIP

I'm looking to get a new router for this, as I'm running an old
Linksys ADSL box that I found under a pile of random computer junk at

>From everyone's advice I really should (read need) get a router with
QOS support and also set up an account with a VOIP provider, one with
the lowest latency - possibly my ISP (Internode).

Then, my options are:

Application (Ekiga should do it)
Headphones and mic

ATA device to plug into the router
Analogue phone to plug into the ATA device

I'll look into Internode's Nodephone some more..


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