[clug] Firefox plugin or special proxy software to archive my browsing history?

Hal Ashburner hal.ashburner at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 09:49:13 GMT 2008

Alex Satrapa said:
>> I've never tried to solve this but it sounds like you want a caching proxy 
>> server.
> The ones I've tried won't serve you stuff if they can't ask the original 
> server about the currency of the data in the cache (IIRC squid refuses to 
> work unless you at least have a working IP interface and DNS). Archiving 
> proxy server yes, but a mere proxy/cache server doesn't cut it.
>> Google search history. (they already have this on you, this just
>> allows you to look at it) plus google notebook works for me.
> Google search history doesn't track every page I open up unless I click the 
> links from Google search results, nor does it work when I have no Internet 
> connection.
> Oh hey... there's a web history toolbar too. It's a Google app, which means 
> again I can't use it offline.

This might not be at all useful but you can judge that.

$ cd .mozilla/firefox/xyzasdf.default/Cache
$ for cachefile in * ; do file $cachefile; done | grep HTML

lynx -force_html whatever_looks_likely_from_the_output_of_the_above

if you're going that way you probably prefer pages that don't need images
and javascript, a largish cache setting in firefox and don't clear out the
cache on shutdown.

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