[clug] Kubuntu 8.10 first impressions

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Tue Nov 11 23:24:21 GMT 2008

Ian <darkstarsword at gmail.com> writes:
> On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 5:33 PM, Daniel Pittman <daniel at rimspace.net> wrote:
>>> It's intriguing, When I first tried KDE4 back in 7.10 I thought,
>>> Cool, I have access to KDE 4 Beta... When it became the default on
>>> 8.04 I thought "You have to be kidding... Its no where near a
>>> finished desktop, so much stuff missing...."
>> I think you mean 8.10, since 8.04 is deliberately still KDE3 -- and an
>> LTS release, so you can be assured that the KDE3 version will continue
>> to work for the next three years and all.
>> That should give time for KDE4 to settle down.
> Except Kubuntu 8.04 isn't LTS - KDE 4 was considered too bleeding edge
> and it was decided that 3.5 wasn't likely to be supported upstream for
> long enough so they skipped the LTS on that one (the confusion comes
> because _U_buntu 8.04 is LTS).

I thought they had eventually revised that decision, but apparently
I was just making random stuff up.  You are quite correct.

> The latest Kubuntu LTS release was 6.06, which remains supported until
> 2009-06 (8.04 is supported until 2009-10).

Still, 8.04 has at least another year in it, so with luck...


Otherwise, Debian/testing it is, I guess.

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