[clug] Kubuntu 8.10 first impressions

Steve McInerney steve at stedee.id.au
Tue Nov 11 06:45:41 GMT 2008

on 11/11/08 17:17 Randall Crook said the following:
> I am very disappointed in KDE 4.X so far....

I have been a KDE fanboi since ~ 2000. I even used to manually compile it to
run on Solaris/Sparc hardware - and didn't *that* take a few days to
achieve... ;-)

I am currently running Gnome as the WM on 8.10, with KDE applications
(konsole, konversation, kopete, amarok) under that.
I started this KDE Apps under Gnome around the time of the Intrepid Ibex Beta.

No Where Near 'Nuff said.

It's the all the little things I miss. Konsole remembering all the zillions of
opened tabs I had; The panel clock being able to show me the multiple
timezones all my co-workers are in (Gnome clock does this... Depressingly this
is a "Must Have" feature for me - kworldclock is not sufficient). Kget didn't
segfault all the time. The interface working with me; not in active opposition to.
If it was appropriate, I'd roll back to KDE3 via 8.04.


I appreciate where the KDE dev's are going. But at this stage it's not a place
 I want to be.

- Steve

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