[clug] Kubuntu 8.10 first impressions

Pilcher, Fred Fred.Pilcher at act.gov.au
Tue Nov 11 00:51:23 GMT 2008

I installed 8.10 on my laptop - at least I upgraded online against my
better judgement since previous online upgrades have led to tears.

The first thing I noticed was that wireless and Bluetooth were broken. I
finally managed to get my wireless connection back (twice, it seems),
but the process is dramatically less friendly than that in 8.04. Still
no bluetooth. I tried to get my Three 3G wireless modem to connect -
horrifying. Compared to the networking front ends on Xandros on my Eee
and in KDE 3.5 it's not just user-unfriendly, it's downright

I finally managed to get 70% of my Compiz working again (yeah, yeah - I
know - but the laptop's essentially for me to play with) and finally
worked out how to get my wallpaper slideshow back and how to get the
traditional "start" menu back. (WTF were they thinking????)

On the positive side, pretty graphics.

Overall impression - a bloody disgrace. Something this badly-designed
and half-baked should never have been released into the wild. This will
do neither (K)Ubuntu nor the cause of FOSS any good.

I'll persevere for a little while and see whether I can get Bluetooth
and 3G back, but right now I suspect that I'll be blowing it away and
putting 8.04 back over the weekend.

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