[clug] Remember this?

Randall Crook rcrook at vtown.com.au
Sat Nov 8 03:50:46 GMT 2008

Mike Carden wrote:
>> Also makes you wonder how much more data from all the useful scientific
>> projects out there, could have been process with the wasted CPU and GPU
>> cycles it took to do those really useless effects.
> Yeah, you start giving people desktop effects like those, and they
> might start wanting to use computers for something *other* than
> processing scientific datasets. Ought to be a law against it.
> I'm just glad all those GPU designers had all those scientific data
> crunchers in mind when they designed their fast and inexpensive
> processors.
> And I hear now some people are wanting to use *portable* computers!
> What's wrong with a proper mainframe?
> Now you kids, get offa my lawn.
use them for what part of benefiting the human race?

Face Book?
Social Networking?
Web 2.0?
for increasing the literacy of the human race?
for bringing the world together and destroying war and hatred?
for making the world such a nicer and safer place to live in?
enhancing the worlds culture?
enhancing true knowledge?

Yes I can see how wobbly windows and cubing the transition from one 
desktop to the other is making a massive difference to the human race.....

Excuse me for thinking that the eye candy was nothing more than just eye 


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