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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sat May 10 02:15:08 GMT 2008

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Hi all,

At King O'Malley last night, the Guinness and the excellent company caused a
couple of things in my head to ferment together and germinate an idea.
There's been occasional talk of a Programming SIG project - something that we
can all work on individually or in small groups as a contribution to Open
Source and the free world.  This has also been talked about at the Python SIG
and from what I could tell amongst the Canberra Perl Mongers.

The basic precis is to work on a system that can be deployed for Linux Users
Groups that manages the basic chores such as sending out notices of meetings,
providing a website and mailing list, and so forth.  It would be designed as a
system that can either be deployed on a Linux Australia server or on a LUG's
own machine if they desire.  The project would allow people of all abilities
to work on various components and the mix of programming languages used in
existing projects to be meshed in with the LUG-in-a-box system would mean that
different programming groups could get involved.

There are already plans afoot in Linux Australia to work on this, so I don't
want to run ahead of more developed plans.  So start thinking about what ideas
you'd like to see in a larger LUG herding system and stay tuned!

Have fun,

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