[clug] DNS weirdness

Kim Holburn kim.holburn at gmail.com
Fri May 9 12:09:08 GMT 2008

Apart from putting in a service call, you could always try opendns  
when you need to: resolver1.opendns.com resolver2.opendns.com

On 2008/May/09, at 1:27 PM, Andrew Loughhead wrote:

> This isn't really a linux question but it is a network question so  
> hopefully on topic enough to keep people happy.
> My ISP is Netspeed.  A couple of particular websites I want to view, www.intelligentflight.com.au 
>  and forum.intelligentflight.com, seem to be doing weird things in  
> Netspeeds DNS. Right now, if I dig either of these names on  
> Netspeeds primary DNS (dig @  
> www.intelligentflight.com.au) I get status SERVFAIL. If I dig  
> against their secondary DNS (dig @ www.intelligentflight.com.au 
> ) I get status NOERR and the name is resolved. At other times of day  
> the primary DNS works though, but most nights at 8 or 9 it doesn't.  
> Its making it a bit tedious to actually access the websites. No  
> other web sites I use seem to suffer like this.  Is it possible to  
> tell if this likely to be an issue with Netspeed DNS, or with the  
> web sites hosting service, or something else?
> cheers
> Andrew.

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