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Adam Thomas adam.lloyd at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 23:47:44 GMT 2008

Hi Paul,

The environment sounds appealing. Perl on Debian is an inviting combination!

What kind of salary are you looking at offering?


On 06/03/2008, Paul TBBle Hampson <Paul.Hampson at pobox.com> wrote:
> Hey guys. This isn't a formal job posting per se., more of a request for
>  interest. It's commercial, sorry if I should flag that more clearly
>  Anyway, as some of you may be aware, I'm the ISP Manager for CBIT
>  Internet. Since that is now my second job, it mainly means I administer
>  and look after the servers (all Linux except one Windows 2000 webserver)
>  and catch any technical issues or queries that no one else at CBIT knows
>  how to resolve.
>  CBIT is an IT services firm, CBIT Internet is the ISP branch that
>  started to bring service customers' Internet connections under one
>  umbrella, and along with integrating my old ISP, branched out into
>  general public Internet services.
>  As mentioned, this is my second job, and I'd like to actually move on,
>  but I can't exactly walk away when there's no one else there who knows
>  Linux or our systems to the depth I do. (It's a small business, that's
>  not unusual, sadly.)
>  Really, I'd like someone to replace me. However, I realise that's not
>  likely to happen; the people who could step in and let me step out
>  immediately are almost certainly already quite gainfully employed.
>  On the other hand, this might be an excellent opportunity for a
>  Linux-savvy young person to start a promising career in Systems
>  Administration as well as Dealing With All The Associated Stuff That
>  Comes Up Because You Know Stuff.
>  And don't let relative youth deter you. I started the earlier ISP while
>  at uni, living in Fenner Hall. (That ISP went bust, mind you. So this
>  might _not_ be a good precedent. ^_^)
>  In short, I'm curious if there's anyone out there who's interested in
>  doing the sort of thing I've been doing. I _personally_ am flexible as
>  to how such an arrangement would work (I've been working remotely and
>  part-time since mid-2006) but the partners in CBIT might have more
>  specifically-formed ideas. (For example, they might feel that one of the
>  advantages of new person is that that person is not remote.)
>  So, if you're interested, let me know. It'll be particularly good if you
>  can give me some background and how you see this opportunity working,
>  and we can get together with the CBIT guys and see if there's something
>  workable there.
>  Nothing here is a promise that a job opening exists. I believe it's a
>  case of: if the right person comes forward and we can come to a suitable
>  arrangement, things will happen. If not, I fear the status quo will
>  continue to bear heavily upon me. ^_^
>  To give a bit of technical detail, we run FreeRADIUS, MySQL, Postfix,
>  courier-pop, a web ISP administration tool I wrote (It's awful. I
>  apologise to anyone who's had to gaze upon it. It's in PHP, but I can do
>  awful web interfaces in any language ^_^) We use Apache, and there's
>  Cricket and Nagios running.
>  The scripts that hang things together are all Perl. If this is an issue,
>  (ie. you're not a programmer or you just hate Perl) that is not an issue
>  for me, I can continue maintaining scripts.
>  If you _are_ a keen Perl programmer and/or web programmer, there's
>  plenty to do. ^_^
>  And of course, Debian/stable. If you're an adherent of the Debian Way,
>  then you will hopefully find this garden of mine pleasant on the eyes
>  and mind. If not, you may find it more of a tangled and terrifying
>  jungle. I am willing to act as both gardener and machete as needed.
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