[clug] [Maybe Job] Wanna run an ISP?

Paul "TBBle" Hampson Paul.Hampson at Pobox.com
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[At this point, if any cluggers want me to take this off-list, feel
free to say so, and I will. Otherwise as long as people keep
list-replying, so will I]

(Also, is cluggers the right word? Clugees sounds amusing but wrong,
and clug members is just so... bleh)

Adam Thomas wrote:
| The environment sounds appealing. Perl on Debian is an inviting

| What kind of salary are you looking at offering?

If I say "commiserate with experience and qualification" will you
forgive me?

I think "Dunno" is a better answer.

If you're interested, my current feeling is that we (myself,
interested person, CBIT person or two) get together over coffee or
preferred beverage and throw ideas around until something sits right.

Hmm. Would it be weird to get all the interested people together, or
would one-at-a-time be better? It's just occurred to me that the
former would prolly be more interesting, but I'm not sure if it's
more or less intimidating or unfair on people either way, or if
having everyone together at once makes it too directly

BCCing off-list repliers, in case you're wondering how this got past
your clug filter.

I'm particularly interested in hearing from those of you in
Canberra: would you like to all get together at once with myself and
the CBIT guys to discuss how this would work? I _don't_ think this
would be a technical competence assessment or financial discussion,
and of course I haven't run this idea past the CBIT guys yet. ^_^

It'd mainly be a way for us to see who's interested, and how they
can best work with us, so we can see if an arrangement's even going
to be workable, and if so, how.

People have expressed part-time interest. It occurs to me that a
couple of part-timers might be a good option.

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