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Randall Crook rcrook at vtown.com.au
Wed Jul 23 10:39:43 GMT 2008


I have a couple of items that need to be removed from my abode. I have
to get rid of them by Sunday or they will be taking the long ride down
Mugga Ln.

Both of these items are being listed here for a second time... years
apart though.:)

1. Digital Prioris ZX 6000
Model No.: 930WW 84-930SN-A9
4 x CPUs:  GenuineIntel Model: 6.1.9 Pentium Pro 200 MHz Cache 512 kb.
RAM: 1024MB
Graphics: S3 Inc. Trio 64V2/DX or /GX VGA Adaptor
Network: Digital DECChip 21140 (Tulip) 10/100 Ethernet 100baseT
Hard drive: DAC960#0: 0:0 COMPAQ BB01811C9C Revision: 3B05 S/No:
3AK061G3000019472CYD 18GB
Hard drive: DAC960#0: 0:1 COMPAQ BB01811C9C Revision: 3B07 S/No:
3AK0JT8T000070170EME 18GB
Hard drive: DAC960#0: 0:2 COMPAQ BB01811C9C Revision: 3BS7 S/No:
3AK0449J0000794402W4 18GB
Hard drive: DAC960#0: 0:3 COMPAQ BB01811C9C Revision: 3B07 S/No:
3AK0DJA6000010270QQ0 18GB
Hard drive: DAC960#0: 1:1 SEAGATE ST34371W Revision: 0860 S/No:
JDW14133095BQT 4GB
Hard drive: DAC960#0: 1:2 SEAGATE ST34371W Revision: 0860 S/No:
PCI Card 1:  Adaptec 3940U/UW/UWD Ultra SCSI adapter AIC 7882U
PCI Card 2:  Adaptec 3940U/UW/UWD Ultra SCSI adapter AIC 7882U
PCI Card 3:  Mylex DAC960PU RAID Controller

One of the 18 GB HDDs has died and another is a bit flackey, the rest
seem ok
The floppy drives a bit cantankerous too, and I am fairly sure the CDROM
doesn't work at all. The rest does however and I have been running it
with debian 4.0 for over a year now. Installed it via floppy and
network. I do have the DOS based BIOS tools and the DAC960 DOS base
config tool I can burn off on CD for anyone interested in the beast.

It really has been fun playing with and getting it running, the failure
of the hard drive finally convinced me to buy a new machine for my file
server. If someone out there is willing to track down some replacements
it could be a nice play toy for someone. And yes, this is the one Adrian
listed a while ago now.:)

***NOTE: This beast is a beast.... it is the size of a small bar
fridge... You have been warned.*******  :)

2.  Sony Vaio Lap Top
Part No.: PCG F430
CPU: Intel Pentium III (Coppermine) stepping 01 446.745 MHz processor.
RAM: 256MB
Graphics: NeoMagic Corporation NM2200 [MagicGraph 256AV] MagicMedia
256AV (NM2200)
Screen: Panel is a 1024x768 color TFT display
Network: D-LINK AIR DWL-650 11 Mbs 802.11b Wireless
Hard drive: HITACHI_DK23AA-60, ATA DISK drive 6 GB
Audio: Yamaha DS-1S (YMF744) Asahi Kasei AK4543

This has been a faithful little worker for my youngest for a couple of
years now. I have had Kubuntu on it since I grabbed it off the list a
couple of years back. It still works ok, The screen can be a little
touchy now and then but nothing too annoying. I have replaced it with a
brand new lappy and it has become surplus.

Anyone interested can email me out-of-band. If there is no interest by
Saturday night, I will be dumping both out at the tip.


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