laptop already gone, Server still available. [clug] Stuff, free to a god home.

Randall Crook rcrook at
Thu Jul 24 07:30:52 GMT 2008

Well the laptop went quickly but the server is still available.:)


Randall Crook wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a couple of items that need to be removed from my abode. I have
> to get rid of them by Sunday or they will be taking the long ride down
> Mugga Ln.
> Both of these items are being listed here for a second time... years
> apart though.:)
> 1. Digital Prioris ZX 6000
> Model No.: 930WW 84-930SN-A9
> 4 x CPUs:  GenuineIntel Model: 6.1.9 Pentium Pro 200 MHz Cache 512 kb.
> RAM: 1024MB
> Graphics: S3 Inc. Trio 64V2/DX or /GX VGA Adaptor
> Network: Digital DECChip 21140 (Tulip) 10/100 Ethernet 100baseT
> Hard drive: DAC960#0: 0:0 COMPAQ BB01811C9C Revision: 3B05 S/No:
> 3AK061G3000019472CYD 18GB
> Hard drive: DAC960#0: 0:1 COMPAQ BB01811C9C Revision: 3B07 S/No:
> 3AK0JT8T000070170EME 18GB
> Hard drive: DAC960#0: 0:2 COMPAQ BB01811C9C Revision: 3BS7 S/No:
> 3AK0449J0000794402W4 18GB
> Hard drive: DAC960#0: 0:3 COMPAQ BB01811C9C Revision: 3B07 S/No:
> 3AK0DJA6000010270QQ0 18GB
> Hard drive: DAC960#0: 1:1 SEAGATE ST34371W Revision: 0860 S/No:
> JDW14133095BQT 4GB
> Hard drive: DAC960#0: 1:2 SEAGATE ST34371W Revision: 0860 S/No:
> JDW148060JDXPE 4GB
> PCI Card 1:  Adaptec 3940U/UW/UWD Ultra SCSI adapter AIC 7882U
> PCI Card 2:  Adaptec 3940U/UW/UWD Ultra SCSI adapter AIC 7882U
> PCI Card 3:  Mylex DAC960PU RAID Controller
> One of the 18 GB HDDs has died and another is a bit flackey, the rest
> seem ok
> The floppy drives a bit cantankerous too, and I am fairly sure the CDROM
> doesn't work at all. The rest does however and I have been running it
> with debian 4.0 for over a year now. Installed it via floppy and
> network. I do have the DOS based BIOS tools and the DAC960 DOS base
> config tool I can burn off on CD for anyone interested in the beast.
> It really has been fun playing with and getting it running, the failure
> of the hard drive finally convinced me to buy a new machine for my file
> server. If someone out there is willing to track down some replacements
> it could be a nice play toy for someone. And yes, this is the one Adrian
> listed a while ago now.:)
> ***NOTE: This beast is a beast.... it is the size of a small bar
> fridge... You have been warned.*******  :)
> 2.  Sony Vaio Lap Top
> Part No.: PCG F430
> CPU: Intel Pentium III (Coppermine) stepping 01 446.745 MHz processor.
> RAM: 256MB
> Graphics: NeoMagic Corporation NM2200 [MagicGraph 256AV] MagicMedia
> 256AV (NM2200)
> Screen: Panel is a 1024x768 color TFT display
> Network: D-LINK AIR DWL-650 11 Mbs 802.11b Wireless
> Hard drive: HITACHI_DK23AA-60, ATA DISK drive 6 GB
> Audio: Yamaha DS-1S (YMF744) Asahi Kasei AK4543
> This has been a faithful little worker for my youngest for a couple of
> years now. I have had Kubuntu on it since I grabbed it off the list a
> couple of years back. It still works ok, The screen can be a little
> touchy now and then but nothing too annoying. I have replaced it with a
> brand new lappy and it has become surplus.
> Anyone interested can email me out-of-band. If there is no interest by
> Saturday night, I will be dumping both out at the tip.
> Randall.


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