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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sun Jul 6 09:21:06 GMT 2008

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Bernard Duggan wrote:
| Hi James,
|    I'd say by far the biggest problem you'd face is that we're after
| someone full-time during normal business hours, so if you're still at
| uni that would probably be an issue (my apologies - on reading my
| original posting, that probably wasn't clear).
| As far as the rest of your question, though, let's just say that in my
| experience (generally, not specifically with this company), when a job
| ad says "requirements", you should pretty much always read it as "wish
| list" :)  And if you're in the market for job, it's always good to have
| an up to date resume anyway.
| I don't make the hiring decisions, and obviously am in no position to
| promise anything, but really, if you're interested in a job, the worst
| that can happen if you apply is they say "no", and you've lost nothing
| but an hour or so preparing a resume (which will no doubt be of use to
| you later anyway).
| Cheers,
| Bernard
| James Solomos wrote:
|> Hi Bernard,
|> Second year ANU IT major student here, i was wondering if i even had a
|> chance with applying for this job, my qualifications fit the minimum
|> of your
|> description of the job but not really anything in the more "formal" job
|> description, i extremely  willing to learn new skills.
|> Should i start writing a resume tonight? or go back to the books of a
|> touch
|> longer?

Thanks, gentlemen, for this interesting exchange.

As you might be aware from the 'to' line in your email client, however, your
conversation has been going to the entire CLUG list.  While I don't think
anyone has been inconvenienced by this, it might pay to check who your mail is
going in future to save any embarrassing private information making its way
onto the list.

Hope this helps,

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