[clug] Any Public Service organisations using Linix desktop and Open Office?

Jason Stokes glasper9 at yahoo.com.au
Sat Jul 5 14:04:01 GMT 2008

> In our case what we/I tend to do (given that research labs typically
> are short on space) is build a custom virtual machine in which the
> processing is done.  Granted I cannot guarantee that such a VM will
> run 40 years from now on whatever hardware is available but there is a
> fair chance. As for data the cheapest option seems to be to just keep
> migrating it to newer spinning disks. You simply cannot rely on tape.

I once applied for a job at the health insurance commission, and they
gave me a quick tour of their archive: shelves and shelves and shelves
and shelves of tapes dating from the eighties onwards.  They also had a
giant robot arm/tape drum thingy, which I was told was the same model
as the one used in "patriot games." I wanted to ask how many of the
earlier tapes were still readable after all this time, should they ever need to retrieve them, but I kept
quiet, and assumed the HIC knows what it's doing.  It does know what
it's doing, right?


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