[clug] Move PSIG?

Jim Croft jim.croft at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 02:37:36 GMT 2008

> What next, lining up at the soup kitchen for a cup of unidentifiable
> slop before slipping into an alley off Garema Place to huddle around a
> fire in an old drum, swapping code written in tomato sauce on used
> napkins retrieved from a nearby hopper?

Somehow a shared street-side soul food soup kitchen and poor but
honest Linux just fit together in natural harmony.

And the  tax deductible  'Business Related Expense' just wreaks of
rancid stench of the proprietary MS end of town...  :)

It is a matter of street cred vs chardonnay socialism...  doing it
tough adds sweetness to the victory...  regaling grandchildren with
tales of epic struggle in support of FOSS while consuming $40 snack
food isn't going to cut it...

jim (dreaming of a world in which real DIY geeks even make their own
computers out of home made triodes... see
Jim Croft
jim.croft at gmail.com

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