[clug] XBOX -> Media PC Mod

Ben Chaplin wombat at chapmac.com
Fri Feb 29 00:24:57 GMT 2008

On 29 Feb 2008, at 09:48AM, Michael Still wrote:

> Chris Smart wrote:
>> Does anyone have an "Action Replay Kit" for an original XBOX? (This  
>> is a
>> memory card, with USB reader for plugging into a PC and transferring
>> saved games.)
>> I have an XBOX with me that we could mod into a Linux media centre
>> tonight at clug if a) people are interested, b) no-one else is  
>> talking, and b) someone has the
>> above kit.
>> Just a thought.
> Everyone I know how modded an XBox 1 into a media center has  
> abandoned it now. They are cheap, but in return they're load, have  
> unreliable DVD drives, and are too slow to do MPEG4 decompression.

I use mine all the time.  No major trouble with it at all, the only  
problem I have is noise - they sure are loud.  I mostly grab DivX and  
MPEG4 off my server and the only time I've had decompression issues  
was when I accidentally loaded a 1080p file...  If you want a cheap  
media centre and have an old Xbox lying around, go for it.  I wouldn't  
buy a second hand one to turn into a media centre, though.

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