[clug] Free stuff

Wally wally at wic.net.au
Thu Feb 28 08:03:34 GMT 2008

Hi Folks,


In clean up mode so there is some stuff available for anyone who wants it to
pick it up. I am in Mawson.


2x 15" colour monitors (working)

2x 20/21" (1x SUN ... can't remember the details but one only had 1/2 the
vertical deflection, the other used to blink on and off - my thinking was
the some caps were drying up)

2x HP LD Pro servers (Pentium Pro 180, 256M, 3x 9G SCSI, RAID) working

A bunch of P2 (233-400) desktops, were working, most missing HDD and RAM.


Give me a call.. Wally 041 777 4755


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