[clug] XBOX -> Media PC Mod

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Thu Feb 28 22:48:29 GMT 2008

Chris Smart wrote:
> Does anyone have an "Action Replay Kit" for an original XBOX? (This is a
> memory card, with USB reader for plugging into a PC and transferring
> saved games.)
> I have an XBOX with me that we could mod into a Linux media centre
> tonight at clug if a) people are interested, b) no-one else is talking, and b) someone has the
> above kit.
> Just a thought.

Everyone I know how modded an XBox 1 into a media center has abandoned 
it now. They are cheap, but in return they're load, have unreliable DVD 
drives, and are too slow to do MPEG4 decompression.


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